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  • Pink Compostable iPhone 13 Pro Case
  • Pink Compostable iPhone 13 Pro Case
  • Pink Compostable iPhone 13 Pro Case
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Sakura Pink Biodegradable iPhone 13 Pro Case

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Enchanting Sakura Pink - As delicate petals drift down at 5cm/s, mirroring the pace of our own growth and journey through life. A symbolic hue that inspires us to shoulder responsibilities with grace and compassion, nurturing our connections with family and society. And within this tender shade, lies the cherished memory of our very first kiss - an everlasting moment etched in the essence of sakura pink.

Protect your phone sustainably with TOCOCO compostable cases! Durable, Drop-resistant, and Scratch-proof – your phone is in safe hands! Join our Green Planet Mission! With every purchase, TOCOCO contributes 1% to ocean clean-ups. Together, let's make our planet a better place!

Upgrade to a better, eco-friendly phone case because you and our planet deserve better!